Howdy there, little lady/dude/whatever kind of alien you are

Who am I kidding? There are no girls reading this.

So, my name is Luke, and this is my new blog. By reading this blog, you can expect the ramblings of a teenage boy who plays way too much Playstation and loves comedy, the Muppets, comedy podcasts, and speedrunning through old sitcoms on Netflix Instant. I won’t offer you the latest up-to-date video game news, because if that’s what you want, go to, a website of which I am a huge supporter and reader, or You’re reading this blog to hear my opinion of games, news, pop culture, and whatever else it is that I feel like sharing my opinions about to the world. My vision for this site is to one day be able to afford to ditch the wordpress in the URL, and hopefully have a podcast for the site.

Anyways, thanks for reading, and I hope you look forward to my next posts as much as I do.


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