You can get tired of even the greatest franchises

When you think of Playstation’s greatest franchises, a couple come to mind. God of War, LittleBigPlanet, Infamous, Ratchet & Clank. But above all of these, you’ll probably think of Uncharted. In one generation, Uncharted single-handedly steamrolled all the hard work that every other of Sony’s first-party studios had done during the PS2 era and became the most talked about franchise on the PS3, along with being the premier first-party launch title for the PlayStation Vita. The sad thing is, I’m starting to become tired of it.

I played Uncharted 2 last year and absolutely loved it. Naturally, when I was watching the VGAs last year (don’t even get me started on the VGAs) and the trailer for Uncharted 3 came up, I flipped my crap. It was, along with Infamous 2, the game I was looking forward to the most this year. About 2 months ago, I realized that I had never played through Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and as an Uncharted fan, this was probably a blind spot I should remedy. So I did. Through late October, which was a really busy time for me, if I had free time, I was playing Drake’s Fortune. And then something terrible happened. November 1st came by, and I didn’t buy Uncharted 3. Black Friday came around, and the only reason I bought Uncharted 3 was that it was $30 on Best Buy’s website, so I figured I might as well buy it. Then it came in the mail, and I realized that I would rather play through the copy of Sonic Generations I had recently bought than play Uncharted. So I did. And then I played some Arkham Asylum, which I had also recently bought. And then I played Portal 2’s Developer Commentary. All this time, a shrink-wrapped copy of Uncharted 3 was sitting there on my coffee table, and I would look at it and just think to myself that I would rather put almost anything else on my shelf into the disk drive on my PS3 than that copy of Uncharted.

Sonic Generations or Drake’s Deception? Sonic.

It was at that point that I realized why this was: I was burned out on Uncharted. I had had my fill of cover-based shooting mixed up with giant setpieces and climbing walls with jumps that I would often miss. I keep trying to go back, but I just can’t really bring myself to play it. To make it worse, my brother’s been playing through it upstairs, so if I come upstairs to sit on the couch and browse the internet on the laptop, I was seeing Uncharted play out in front of me. So I’m sure eventually I’ll want to do nothing more than experience some strange mythological twist with Nate and Sully. That time’s just not now.


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