Fun Fact: Sony is reading my blog

Or at least, that’s my guess, as two days after I wrote a post about the insane price of the memory cards for the PlayStation Vita, Sony announced that the prices of the memory cards will be cheaper in the United States.

That’s right. You can buy a three year old PSP game at the launch of the PlayStation Vita, as you’ll be saving $20 on that 32GB memory card. The new pricing is as follows:  $20 for a 4GB card, $30 for an 8GB card, $60 for a 16GB card, and $100 card for a 32GB card. Along with this new pricing revelation, I’ve also found out from the latest episode of’s Podcast Beyond, entitled Everything You Need to Know about PlayStation Vita, that downloaded PlayStation Vita games aren’t as big as I expected them to be. Uncharted: Golden Abyss clocks in at just over 3 Gigabytes, while some games are as small as 750 Megabytes, or MB for the technologically handicapped. If you can’t figure out for yourself what this means to you, it means that you’ll be able to fit more than just eight games on that 32GB card you threw down $100 for at your local retailer, or for those numbers you typed in on if you’re like me.

Overall, the more and more I hear about the PlayStation Vita, the more I decide that February 22nd is going to be an important day for my portable gaming.

Now, dutiful reader, I can hear what you’re saying to your computer. No, not literally, so you can stop staring at the microphone on your laptop. You’re telling me that I’m a PlayStation fanboy, because just yesterday I was smacktalking Nintendo and their portable systems, and today I’m saying that the Vita is the future. Well, I think this is true, but I totally agree that Sony should never turn their back to Apple.

Will Sony be able to overcome Apple's stronghold on the portable market?

Now, the reason I think that the Vita might be able to take back portable gaming is that Vita is so powerful. The Vita has dual analogue sticks without adding some sort of boat attachment to the device, which is a huge win over the 3DS. The fact that I can play Uncharted or Resistance without adding external analogue stick, something the iPhone has to do to really play a shooter. Don’t believe me? ThinkGeek sells them on their website. But that’s not the point.

Not only does the Vita have two analogue sticks, but it’s an incredibly powerful device. The Vita is one of the first consumer-grade quad-core handheld devices, which basically means that it’s really fast. It also has the front AND back touch screens, which will open the door for innovative games like the upcoming Escape Plan and the creative terrain builder in the new ModNation Racers game for the Vita.

In conclusion, I feel like the Vita really has the opportunity to become the true gamer’s handheld with the power it has over the 3DS and iPhone.



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