And the winner is………..

While InFAMOUS 2, Sonic Generations, and Uncharted 2 were all spectacular games, for me, Portal 2 is definitely the best game I’ve played all year.

Not only does Portal 2 make my brain hurt in the best way possible, but it provides some of the year’s best characters and one of the best worlds. I can’t hear the phrase “when life gives you lemons…..” without thinking of Cave Johnson. At least once a day, a GLaDOS quote jumps into my brain. I paid $20 an Aperture Science t-shirt, for crying out loud!

Straight Up Beautiful

However, atmosphere doesn’t make a game alone. After playing both Portal games, I honestly feel like I know more about physics than I did before. Looking at these puzzles, everything looks simple, but then you realize that one thing that’s totally going to screw you over, and that’s where the fun starts. It might sound frustrating, but subtle clues in the environment can give you hints of where to go and how to solve the puzzle if you just open yourself to the world around you.

There’s more to Portal 2 than there was 8 months ago, and there’s still more coming. At around Halloween, Valve released DLC full of brand new, even harder co-op puzzles. I hear you, reader. You’re thinking to yourself, “So what? This game wins because it has DLC?” Well, I think I must have missed the main point: the DLC is free, and there are still two more content packs to come. The next pack of (presumably) free content will be a level editor, which alone sounds like I’m not going to be getting a whole lot done over the next year, with one more free pack on the way.

All in all, it’s completely safe to say that if you own a PS3 and haven’t played Portal 2, you’re depriving yourself of an amazing experience.


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