My Impressions so Far: Resistance: Fall of Man

This is the first post in what I hope to become a regular series, which, if you can’t guess from reading the title, is about my impressions of a game as I play through it. I’m not going to assign the game a score or anything, although I AM toying around with the idea of review scores, but the purpose of the post is to just give general impressions on how much I’m enjoying a game I’m currently playing. My first post is about Resistance: Fall of Man.

Now, I realize I’m more than just a little bit late to the Resistance train, seeing as how Fall of Man was a launch title for the PS3 and the third entry in the franchise came out this year, but so far, I’m really enjoying Resistance 3.

Considering that Insomniac, the people behind the Ratchet & Clank games, made Resistance, I shouldn’t really be surprised that one of the things I’m enjoying the most about Fall of Man is its unique weapons. This might seem strange considering that so far I only have 6 (?) weapons, but I really enjoy what the game is doing so far. It starts off with just the Carbine, but once you get the Bullseye is when the weapons start to get really cool. It’s basically just a standard machine-gun, but it’s a freaking alien gun, so that makes it cooler. With the Bullseye, you just shoot a tag from the gun onto an enemy, and now you can shoot at it even when both you and said enemy are behind cover, your shots from the Bullseye will connect. The gun itself isn’t particularly powerful, but the high firing rate, frequency of ammo that’s found, and the unique tag ability make it a fun weapon to toy around with.

The Bullseye: My favorite weapon (so far)

What takes some serious getting used to, however, are the controls of the game. Have you ever tried going between playing Uncharted and Resistance? It’s basically impossible, because the controls are pretty much complete opposites of each other. If I want to look down my gun’s barrel in Uncharted, I just hold down L1. Easy enough. But the problem comes when I try to do that in Resistance while holding the Carbine and kill myself with the Carbine’s gun-mounted grenade launcher or waste one of the Bullseye’s tags. Strangely enough, you have to press L3 to zoom in, something I’ve never seen in another game. Let it be known that nowhere on the controller is “L3” or “R3” labeled, so when I turned on my Ps3 for the first time and tried to play InFAMOUS 1, I could not find that button and had to text my friend to ask him where it’s located. That seems like a very odd choice for a launch title of a system, when naturally people won’t be as familiar with the controller.

Note: Nowhere on this controller does it say L3

Something that’s kind of disappointing so far in Fall of Man is the lack of enemy variety. I feel like I’m about 7 or 8 hours in (Chapter 18), but so far I’ve only seen maybe 6 different kinds of the Chimera, who are alien enemies of the game. This includes just the standard grunt soldier, a much weaker and unarmed version, small scorpion-like creatures, weird-looking alien dog things, more armored versions of the grunts, and a giant, ugly behemoth. For being so far into the game, I expect more.

I know this might be something stupid to complain about, but the game looks kind of bland and drab. Now, I know that considering this is a launch title, it’s not really fair to compare it to Uncharted 2 or something similar, but it just kind of throws me off when I switch between the two games.

It seems like I have a lot more complaints about this game than I really do, however. So far, I’m really enjoying not only the game but the very interesting, almost post-apocalyptic story, and I really can’t wait to finish the game and move on to later games in the series.


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