It sure has been a while…..

It seems like the first paragraph of each of my posts has turned into “Luke makes excuses as to why he hasn’t posted recently,” hasn’t it? In my defense, finals ARE this week and I don’t even think I’ve turned on a TV in about 4 days, but still, this is inexcusable behavior, so I’m very sorry.

Now, I’m sure you’ve gotten used to reading 500 word essays from me, but this is the start of something slightly different. You can still count on me for an essay about the different weapons in Resistance or whatever it is I talk about, but I want you to also be able to visit my blog and come away with something fun. So here’s my new favorite YouTube video: Double Dream Hands.

This isn’t all, though. Coming up in the next couple of days will be a giant, multi-post feature, so that’s something to look forward to. In the mean time, watch Double Dream Hands over and over again like me. I would also recommend the Beyonce “Single Ladies” remix of Double Dream Hands. That’s quite entertaining.


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