My Most Anticipated Games of 2012: Part 2

If you follow video game coverage, you’ve heard about the PlayStation Vita by now. With a February 22nd release date, the Vita’s bringing some awesome games with it, and is promising even more. Due to a monetary situation, I won’t be able to pick up the Vita at launch, but that just means that I’ll have even more games to pick up when I DO get around to buying one. So here are some of the Vita games that I’m looking forward to the most this year.

*Note: The order these games are in is not the order that I’m looking forward to them in. It’s just the order I came up with.

1. Sound Shapes – Sound Shapes in an upcoming Vita game that not a lot of people are talking about, and that really worries me. If you’ve ever met me, you know that I’m always humming a tune or tapping a beat with my fingers, and that’s why Sound Shapes looks so intriguing to me. The game is a musical platformer, where all of the objects in the environment make a sound. There’s no “soundtrack,” per say, but all of these noises from the level come together to form a catchy little ditty, surely including ones that will be stuck in my head all day. But that’s not the best part of Sound Shapes. As much as I love music, I have no musical talent, vocally or otherwise, but Sound Shapes has that covered for me. Using the Vita’s front and back touch panels, you can create unique platforming levels for others to play, and depending on how you build them, the music that plays in the background changes along with it. Like LittleBigPlanet and ModNation Racers before it, this means that there will be a practically never-ending stream of content for the game, meaning you can always come back and play another catchy, bite-sized chunk of Sound Shapes while you’re waiting for the bus or your laundry or something else. Overall, Sound Shapes looks like the perfect game for the Vita, and it’s one I’m highly looking forward to.

Why isn't anyone talking about this?

2. Unit 13 – From the minds that brought you MAG and the SOCOM games comes Unit 13, another game that is looking to capture the bite-sized chunks of gameplay that your iPhone has gotten you so used to. However, unlike Sound Shapes, Unit 13 isn’t a platformer; it’s a full-blown third-person shooter. Unit 13 promises 36 different levels, each of them ranging from about 5 minutes to almost half an hour, but with 6 different characters, and with that, types of gameplay, there’s some variety in the mix. In this game, you can play as either the Infiltrator, Pointman, Gunner, Commando, Technician, or the Marksman, each of them with different abilities that will make a level easier or harder for you. But that’s not all this game has to offer. By using these characters enough, you can level them up, upgrading their weapons and abilities. I haven’t even mentioned this game’s main selling point, though, and that’s uploading of your times and scores on each level so that you can play against your friends. As someone with maybe one friend who will buy the Vita, this isn’t the most appealing part of the Vita to me, but if that’s your bag, go for it. (Speaking of which, if you want to friend me on the PSN, which I would LOOOOVE, my PSN ID is nccows. Just tell me that you read my blog in your friend request, and we can be PSN friends. I would love to build a community of readers, and maybe we could organize sessions of playing certain games. Drop me a comment if that’s something you’re interested in!) The weirdest thing about Unit 13 is that it comes out on March 6, 2 weeks after the Vita comes out. I’m not sure exactly why it’s not directly at launch, but regardless, this looks like something to be excited for.

Small, bite-sized chunks of action? I'm in!

3. Escape Plan – What can I say? I’m a sucker for a pretty face game, and Escape Plan is DEFINITELY a pretty game. Using the unique controls of the Vita, Escape Plan is actually a game that doesn’t use any of the Vita’s face buttons, including the analogue sticks. With the front and back touchscreens, you have to help the two main characters, Lil and Laarg, through dangerous environments in a breathtakingly beautiful black-and-white world. While we haven’t heard much about Escape Plan, except for the fact that it’s a launch title for the Vita, it’s still a game I’m really looking forward to playing.

Hold on. I need to catch my breath.

Tomorrow: I show you Vita games in established franchises, and which one’s I’m looking forward to the most.

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One comment on “My Most Anticipated Games of 2012: Part 2

  1. nccows says:

    Something I forgot to say about Unit 13: Every day, Zipper Interactive is going to release a new level that you can only play once, so you’ll have more content than is on the cartridge/initial download.

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