Review: Resistance: Fall of Man

Lately, I’ve been talking about games that are coming out this year, but sometimes, you just want to hear about games that are already out, and Resistance: Fall of Man has definitely been out for a long time. Being a PS3 launch title, it recently celebrated its fifth year on the market, so it’s incredible that Fall of Man is able to hold up to other current shooters as well as it does.

Where it doesn’t hold up, however, is graphics, and considering that this game is a PS3 launch title, I will not be taking graphics into account in the review of Fall of Man. I’m not saying it looks like a PS1 game or anything, it’s just that there’s no way that you can fairly compare this game and Uncharted 3 on terms of beauty, so I’m just not going to do that. What I will say is that the game has a very drab color scheme, with almost no bright colors in it at all except for bright yellow in Chimeran territories.

Notice the muddy textures on the bags and the lack of detail on the Chimeran soldiers.

Resistance: Fall of Man is the story of Nathan Hale, an American soldier over in Great Britain fighting the threat of the Chimera. The Chimera are a race of aliens of unknown origin, but it is assumed that they landed in Russia at some point. If it was as simple as a war of the world against the Chimera, the fight might almost be easy. But this is a video game. It’s never that easy. The Chimera spread what what is known as the Chimeran virus, infecting wounded soldiers and transforming them into Chimeran Hybrids, which are the main soldiers of the Chimeran army. This makes the Chimeran War the bloodiest in this world’s history, threatening to tear apart the entire world. From me, the plot of the game gets an 8 out of 10. I love alternate history, but this game left some to be desired. Many things weren’t explained unless you found hidden collectibles called “Intel.” I have no problem with hiding extra tidbits of story in your game’s collectibles, but things that don’t make sense unless you find them is a no on my part.

The gameplay of Fall of Man is incredibly solid, with lots of variety added in. As I stated in a previous post, one of my favorite parts of Fall of Man is the varied weapons, and I stand by that. Each one does something completely different, ranging from the completely useless (Sapper, I’m looking at you) to the incredibly devastating (LAARK). My favorite is still the Bullseye for its unique “Tagging” mechanic, but I love almost all of them, with every single one of them having at least one use (except for maybe the Sapper). It definitely plays like a shooter with really tight controls, and that’s excellent. For gameplay, I give it a 9, as at times it felt a little repetitive shooting at never-ending streams of Chimeran Hybrids.

What’s not exactly excellent, however, are the controls. Getting into Fall of Man, you’ll be struck by how strange the controls of the game are. While you’ll eventually get used to them and learn to love them, you will have many frustrating instances towards the beginning of the  game where you accidentally grenade yourself to death or something similar.

Fall of Man’s music struck me as very atmospheric. It’s not orchestral, but at times its tunes will remind you of a trip to the symphony. One thing that I really enjoyed were the audio cues that it provides. Sometimes some of the enemies, Menials especially, will almost blend in with the background, but with the music, you’ll always be able to tell when you’ve taken care of all the Chimera in the area. When you’re in a fight or are about to be, the music starts getting faster and more frantic, telling you to get ready to kick some alien butt. Once you’ve cleared the area, it calms down and becomes so atmospheric that you almost don’t realize it’s playing. I give the music an 8.5 for its excellent audio cues, but none of the songs really stick out in my head.

Fall of Man DOES have multiplayer, but I was never able to find a match, because it’s a five-year-old game with two sequels that also have multiplayer, so I can’t comment on that.

An interesting thing that Resistance does is that on your second playthrough, it gives you new weapons to toy around with. Seeing as how it’s about a 14 to 15 hour campaign, I wasn’t going to play it again just to try out some new weapons, but if they’re as good as the ones the first time around, I can count on them being great.


I'm not quite sure what that Chimera is shooting at.....

Overall, Fall of Man is a great game, and one I would definitely recommend picking up. Once I finish Rayman and Uncharted, I’ll be picking up Resistance 2 and 3, and once I get my hands on a Vita, I’ll pick up Resistance: Retribution and be patiently waiting for Resistance: Burning Skies. I can definitely say that behind Infamous and Uncharted, Insomniac’s alien-killer is one of my favorite first-party franchises.


Graphics – N/A

Story – 8

Gameplay – 9

Sound – 8.5

Overall – 9

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