Why SOPA and PIPA will ruin everything

This post definitely should’ve gone up yesterday, the day when major sites, including Wiki-freaking-Pedia, blacked their websites out to show what the internet will be like if SOPA or PIPA gets passed. They seem like some law that will never be passed, but the reality is that these laws, PIPA in particular, have the ability to actually become a reality if you don’t help stop them.

First off, you’re probably wondering what the heck SOPA and PIPA are. They are acronyms for the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act, respectively. While if these names were exactly what these laws did, they would be great, unfortunately, that’s not how they work. Through these laws, if someone posts anything copyright-infringing on a website, that website can be taken down, and be blocked from your local ISP, or internet service provider. Let’s use YouTube as an example. If you’ve ever looked up a song on YouTube that’s not on the official YouTube channel of the record label, and I’m 110% sure that you have, there’s reason for YouTube to be taken down. When I write the name of a video game on my blog and don’t put “TM” or that little C in a circle, there’s reason for nccows.wordpress.com to be taken down. When you tweet “Oh, man, the new Uncharted game is so sick! This is why!” and then link to a YouTube video with even the background music from Uncharted playing in the background, you could have not only YouTube, but also Twitter shut down, and you don’t want to be that guy. Oh, and did I mention that that offense can also get you jail time?

Basically, if either SOPA or PIPA pass, the only way to get unrestricted internet back to is to move to another country, but even that won’t last for long. If the U.S. passes either of these bills, than other countries will surely follow, and before long, we have a walled garden of government approved internet. Nobody wants that. So please, go to the link below, inform your friends about SOPA and PIPA, and fight back. PIPA is scheduled for a test vote in the Senate on January 24th. That’s in 5 days. Make it count.



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