It’s times like this when I love the internet

Thanks to blackouts, protests, and thousands of letters, emails, and phone calls to Congressman, Senators, and Representatives, both SOPA and PIPA have been postponed. It’s not that the government won’t come back with another way to combat piracy, which I hope they do, because piracy is a serious problem that costs independent artists large amounts of money, but it’s that the two bills, in their current states, provided not only the government, but major corporations, with a Gestapo-like control of the internet, which nobody wants. So I’d like to thank everyone reading this for doing their part in helping to fight SOPA and PIPA, even if all they did was tweet. Unless, of course, you didn’t fight SOPA at all, in which case you should be ashamed of yourself and never use the internet again.

But regardless, seeing the internet as a whole coming together to fight something as terrible as SOPA/PIPA warms my heart. Now, is there any way we can band together to help solve this bad economy?


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