My 2 Newest Gadgets

When I bought my 3DTV last weekend, I ordered some accessories for it on Amazon. Being as I’m incredibly cheap and live off of Super Saver Shipping, they arrived yesterday, and I’ve been having some fun with them.

1. Sony PS3/TV Remote – I was pretty surprised when I opened up the box for my new TV and I found that there was no remote in the box. Call me a fat, lazy American (and it would be totally valid), but that’s a pretty important part of having a TV, so I ordered the remote on Amazon. Guess what: it’s a remote. I didn’t have to sync it up with the TV, it just worked straight out of the box, and after syncing it up with the PS3, it worked incredibly. It functions like a really good remote, with none of that annoying “you have to point me EXACTLY at wherever the hidden IR port on TV is for me to work.” In addition, it can navigate the menus and of the PS3, but strangely enough, you can’t toggle the power of the PS3 from the remote like you can with the TV. Regardless, you CAN toggle the 3D of the TV with it, and it works seamlessly.

2. Sony Wireless Stereo Headset – My family used to have a pair of headphones that hooked up to the TV for listening without disturbing others, and I loved it, but then it broke and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it, so naturally, I decided to buy another pair. For the price of $80, it sounds incredible with its digital 7.1 Surround Sound, and its built-in microphone sounds crystal clear. Previously while playing multiplayer online, I was just using the microphone built into the pair of Bluetooth headphones that I use to listen to my iPod, and I feel really bad for anyone who was trying to listen to me, because it sounded like I was underwater speaking through one of those masks that makes your voice sound like Darth Vader.

The thing that propels THIS headset above other headsets for use with the PS3 is that it integrates seamlessly into the PS3. Whenever you try to hit one of the confusingly-placed buttons on the side of the headset to toggle something, it’ll show up on the screen in the corner, letting you know what you just hit. If it’s running out of battery, that will also show up in the corner. That brings me to a negative about this headset: the battery life. Even the manual, which always overestimates things, places the battery at only 7.5 hours, which seems low to me, and it takes 3 hours to charge. Another negative: it doesn’t come with a charging cable. Sure, it just charges using a standard mini-USB cable, which I suppose DOES come with your PS3 to charge your controller, but it just seems weird to me. Regardless, if you’re looking for a headset to game with on your PS3 at a low price, I would go with this one.


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