:O The Vita has a chance in the US now!

First off, I’m really sorry for not posting in that past 2 days. Like, REALLY sorry. Time has just not been in my favor lately. So for that, I apologize. I promise you that I will give you guys my impressions of Resistance 2 in the coming days.

Everyone’s favorite upcoming handheld game system, the PlayStation Vita, has recently had a “revelaiton” (look up that for Capcom’s recent failure) about it unveiled. For the low price of $299, you will receive 3G PlayStation Vita (this was previously unveiled as the price for the 3G model), along with an 8GB memory card, a voucher for a PSN game, and a free 250MB of data for one month. Now, we don’t know exactly what that voucher there MEANS, but in all likelihood it means that you’ll be getting your choice of one PlayStation Vita game for free when you buy said Vita. Now, that would suck if you had to buy a memory card, but that’s also covered, along with a little bit of data to browse the interwebs on. What this means is that for the price I paid for my PlayStation 3DTV, I can get a brand new game system, a free game, a memory card, and a taste of what the Vita’s 3G can offer through things like Near and syncing my trophies wherever I am.

This by itself is really exciting, but I feel like it’s telling that we’re just now hearing about this. The Vita is tanking HARD in Japan, and this is Sony’s way of trying to salvage it in America. But you know what else could help the Vita? Advertising. If I walked up to a random stranger and asked them what a PlayStation Vita is, they would look at me with a blank look on their face. Even my gaming friends had no idea what the Vita was until I told them, and after I did, one of them told me they would buy it for sure. But they didn’t know about it. Think about the media blitz that happened as soon as the iPad was announced, and how well the iPad sold. Think about those commercials that you see for Droid phones, which aren’t even all that good, but they sell like hotcakes (that phrase doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Are hotcakes pancakes? Who’s selling pancakes?). Luckily for Sony, between now and the release of the Vita is one of the most-watched televised events in history, and that’s the Super Bowl. If they advertise the Vita during the Super Bowl, millions of people will know about it, which is exactly what Sony needs.

All in all, if Sony can combine this great move with an all-out marketing blitz, the Vita might become as synonymous a name as the DS or the PS2 are in American households.

Source: http://vita.ign.com/articles/121/1217392p1.html


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