Luke: The World’s Worst Blogger

Here I am on April 21st, promising my readers that I’m starting this new initiative to blog more. And come April 23rd, I just disappear again. Well, no longer. Summer break has made its triumphant return into my life, and with it, a new age of blogging comes into my life also. This week I’ve done a ton of grimping (the unofficial term for playing PixelJunk Eden), played through Flower, and played approximately 8 hours of ME3 multiplayer. Which I finished, by the way. So this is a formal promise to all of you: I will post again. I’ll write about the Mass Effect ending, my impressions of the PixelJunk series as a whole, and why you should play Flower. Probably while listening to either the Flower or InFAMOUS 2 soundtrack, because I finally figured out how to get those onto my iPod (Thank God for that one. I thought I was just going to have some music sitting on my PS3 hard drive.) So I will return. Tomorrow. Because right now, I’m going to sleep.


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