Sly 2: The Original Infamous

As I played through Sly 1 on the Sly Cooper HD Collection, I noticed just how similar the climbing in the Sly Cooper games is to the climbing on the Infamous games. It makes sense, considering they were both made by Sucker Punch, but other than that, I didn’t see many other similarities. Now as I play through Sly 2, I can see that many of the elements from the Infamous franchise were cribbed directly from Sucker Punch’s earlier games.

These elements are seen most directly in the games open-world hub segments, where it seems at point like something from the Infamous franchise. The acrobatics and the way that Sly jumps around the world from handhold to handhold is EXACTLY like Cole MacGrath.

Another element that seems similar between the 2 games is their structure of collectibles. Unlike most games, where collectibles just unlock concept art or whatever, the collectibles in both of these games actually make your character more powerful. In the case of Infamous, the Blast Shards give you the ability to hold more electricity, which drastically improves your fight ability. In the case of Sly Cooper, however, the game rewards you with new abilities very unintuitively. It just gives you the name of your new ability, and leaves you on your own to figure out A. what that means and B. how you use this newly discovered ability. On top of that, the collectibles can be quite finnicky to collect at times, where one of them will be placed at the top of a precariously high tower, and one misjump can cause you several minutes of making your way back up to where you were.

In addition to that, the combat as Sly and Bentley is kind of crappy while the combat as Murray is satisfying, leaving me to wonder why those additional improvements to the combat system weren’t made to the other 2 characters.

Regardless, Sly 2 is a pretty cool game, as was Sly 1. I don’t usually like stealth games, but the way that Sly can sneak around guards and assassinate them from behind is actually really cool, as is being able to play as all 3 members of the Sly Cooper team. The overly elaborate Rube-Goldberg-like ideas that Bentley comes up with to do heists is really fun, and aside from some low-res textures that crop up from the PS2 game from time to time, the game looks really good. Overall, the game is really fun, and it’s like 10 bucks on the PSN. I haven’t beaten Sly 2 yet, but I can definitely say that it’s already better than Sly 1.


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