Going on Vacation

I know your expectations of the frequency of my posts is already pretty low, but I’m going out of town for $10 days, so I can already let you know not to expect anything during that time period.

Also, the Journey Collector’s Edition gets me pretty excited. I’ve already purchased both Flower and Journey and their soundtracks, but having both of those games on disk along with Flow, which I’ve heard is a pretty interesting experiment, sounds fantastic. This Blu-Ray will also include 3 mini-games made by thatgamecompany, which is something that should get any fan of PlayStation excited in their nether-regions. Also included are the soundtracks for each of these 3 games, 2 of which I can guarantee you are incredible to write to. Finally, and perhaps most tantalizingly, each of these games will contain a brand new developer’s commentary, which completely sold me on this product.


If you don’t buy this, I don’t want you reading what I write.

In conclusion, prepare your wallet to shell out $30 on August 28th, because if you don’t, you’re essentially dead to me.


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